Overview of the most spectacular effects of TM

These effects were all confirmed both through the personal experiences of hundreds of thousands of TM practitioners, and through research of the highest quality (see TM research: reliable).

Health: Among long-term TM practitioners, there are least 50% to 70% fewer cases of hospitalisation in general, 55% less hospitalisations for cancer, and almost 90% less hospitalisations for cardiovascular diseases.

Chronic illnesses: Several chronic illnesses to which, after 2000 years of advancement in western medicine, still no answer exists, and for which medication at best can suppress the symptoms (at times with side effects worse than the symptoms), improve significantly or even disappear entirely with the frequent practice of the TM technique (see health).

Become younger: TM reverses the aging process. Short-term TM practitioners (3 years) on average are 5 years younger, whereas long-term practitioners (7 years) are on average 12 years younger (see become younger).

Addictions: TM is 2 to 10 times as effective as any other method ever researched against tobacco, alcohol or drug addictions.

Brain: The brain starts functioning holistically, and we even start developing more of our full brain potential, instead of the estimated 5% to 10% that most people use. This leads to an increase in intelligence and creativity, regardless of the age of the practitioners, something considered practically impossible. Similarly, incurable diseases related to the inefficient functioning of the brain, such as ADHD, can spontaneously normalize through TM.

Ego-development or self-actualization: This analysis indicates that personal development normally freezes around the age of 20, and yet significantly grows with TM, no matter whether the person practicing is 15 or 55 years old. This is considered almost impossible (see success).

Social effects:
These are possibly the most amazing effects of TM. Over 50 scientific studies have shown that a small group of practitioners of the advanced TM-Sidhi Programme can positively influence the way in which people in an entire country think and act, with measurable effects on everything that is measurable: reduced crime, improved economy, increasing financial markets, reduced corruption, improved ecological consciousness, etc. Research has shown that not only does it work, but it is more effective than any other method ever researched, while costs can be up to 99% lower than other methods (see better world).

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