TM course tuition scholarships

There is so much scientific evidence that TM would significantly reduce the cost to Health Insurers, as it is essentially a training for people to learn to stay healthy and to heal themselves, that health insurance companies should simply reimburse the cost of learning TM to their members
As long as this is not the case, limited sources of financial assistance may be available to help those who want to learn, but who don’t have the financial means to pay for the course themselves.

Two levels of Scholarship are available, as follows:

(1) Individuals who are earning less than the average annual wage of €32,500 in the ROI, can apply for a 25% scholarship, the net cost then is €450.

(2) Full-time post leaving Certificate students, the unemployed or those on disability who can’t work for health reasons, can apply for a 50% scholarship, the net cost then is €300.

Sometimes persons in these categories may have access to financial resources through other means – we ask everybody to simply be honest as possible in describing their financial situation.

Scholarship request form

A Form will be available at the Introductory Lecture or apply online.

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