TM course: Ask your employer to pay

Significant advantages for your employer

The TM course is a (very effective) stress management training and can also be invoiced as such. This makes it a tax deductible cost for the employer and if the company is GST registered, the GST can also be recovered from the government.  This makes the real cost to the company significantly lower than what you would pay as an individual.

But the benefits for the employer are much greater still.  Progressive employers are always open to initiatives from their employees that could increase the company’s net profit.  There are dozens of scientific studies that show that when employees practice Transcendental Meditation, even during working hours as part of their job, the entire company benefits.  Managers become more successful, employees become more creative and more efficient, internal relationships improve, absenteeism drops, sales increase and the resulting net profit increases (see applications>business). This is one of the reasons why Oprah Winfrey recently paid for the TM course for all 400 employees in her company. And she is loving the results.

So invite your company’s management to come take a look at this site or contact us so a TM teacher can come and give them a personal presentation .

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