Unity: a scientific reality?

At the start of July 2001, the discovery of the Higgs Boson in the Large Hadron Collider in the Swiss CERN was announced as 1 of the most important discoveries in the history of physics. In essence this was a first step in the direction of final verification of the scientific reality of the unity that lies at the foundation of our universe (it is expected in the next few months or years that not 1, but 4 different Higgs bosons will be found, which would pretty much be a final step)

If there is one scientist we have to thank for the scientific confirmation, then that would be Albert Einstein. Einstein is famous for his formulas that lie at the foundation of atomic energy, or his general relativity theory, but he worked for most of his life on another theory. the so-called Unified Field theory. This theory predicts that ultimately only one field exists that lies at the foundation of all phenomena in nature, all powers and all material particles.

Quantum physics discovered almost 100 years ago that all the elementary, material particles that shape our atoms, molecules and ultimately the entire material world, are merely fluctuations of underlying fields. Electrons (charged leptons) are created from electron fields, quarks (which together become protons and neutrons) stem from quark fields etc. The foundation for our material world therefore is not material.

Einstein predicted that different fields are expressions of one underlying field, that can bring about different phenomena in nature through different ways of vibrations.

This is a phenomena familiar to us. We can see for example that the same electromagnetic field can bring about radio signals, light, microwaves, infrared, x-rays and other things, simply by vibrating at different wavelengths. We also know that it can create those different phenomena at the same time. We can turn on the radio, switch on the light and start the microwave, all at the same time, knowing that they will not disturb each other.

In the same way there is supposed to be one underlying field that can vibrate in different ways and thereby can bring about all different power fields in all different material fields.

But there is one big difference between our analogy of this electromagnetic field and the unified field that lies at its foundation. A vibration on an electromagnetic field is always caused by an external power. For example, by a radio channel that sends out a signal, which creates a vibration. The radio waves spread over the entire field and the radio will catch them. But at the level of this unified field there are no more external powers, because all powers are created by it. This means that this field creates the vibrations from within.

If something is created from within, then it needs to have a self-conscious, because you are only able to create something if you know that you exist. This field therefore must have creativity, and intelligence. We can clearly see that everything in nature is created in a very intelligent manner, and not just randomly.

These are perhaps the qualities of life, of consciousness. If the reality of the unified field is a true scientific reality, then the field must by definition be a field of consciousness.

This is what the old Vedic texts described 5000 years ago, one field of consciousness that lies at the foundation of both our objective, material reality and our subjective, inner mental reality. At this level, the mind and the material are connected.

For centuries people thought that the material (the brain) created life (consciousness), but now it appears to be the other way around: life creates the material. If we think about this in more detail then it does make a lot more sense. Irrespective of the number of micro chips put into a computer, the computer doesn’t come alive. Dead, material particles, no matter their quantity, will not create life. But we know that life can create material things. We do this every day: a carpenter making chairs, an artist turning a pile of clay into a statue.

In physics they have known this for 50 years. It was discovered a long time ago that for example electrons are able to behave as if they know that other electrons exist. Electrons clearly do not possess a brain, yet they show qualities of consciousness.

This interpretation of the latest discovery in physics is not at all generally accepted within science, which is mostly due to the fact that scientists have spent so much time thinking in purely material terms, that it is difficult for them to suddenly embrace an entirely different reality. Nevertheless these latest discoveries in physics show a very different picture of life and our true nature, a much more beautiful picture.

We are not alone, have never been alone.

The old Vedic masters already knew of this reality, because they were able to experience unity at the basis of creation in their own consciousness, because they had the technique that was lost over time, the technique to transcend.