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What sort of follow-up is there?

After the initial course, it is possible to practice TM successfully on one’s own. However, it is recommended that people come back for regular follow-up in order to verify the correctness of the practice and gain additional understanding in relation to nature of the experience.

Sometimes, a lack of innocence, some straining, might creep in and this could detract from the enjoyment and effectiveness of the practice. Sometimes, new experiences come up which need to be understood. Sometimes, we might go away on a holiday and get out of the routine of actually doing the experience. Sometimes, we might want to have opportunities to practice for a longer period in a structured way, e.g. a residence course, in order to accelerate our progress and deepen our experience.

All of these things can be dealt with through the follow-up programme that is available from your TM Centre or TM Teacher.

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