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How meditation changed Hugh Jackman’s life

Hugh Jackman: “It is our birthright to be happy…It’s not just finding quiet, it’s finding bliss and that’s natural, that’s for everybody.”

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How can such an effortless technique bring so many benefits?

Transcendental Meditation is a very simple, natural, effortless mental technique that provides deep rest for the body and allows the mind to settle down to a calmer state where it can reconnect with its inner source of bliss and happiness.

Transcending = Deep Rest

We all know that we feel a lot happier when we are rested. Yet many of us feel tired, even when we wake up in the morning. The superficial fatigue might have been eliminated by sleep, but when deeper stress and fatigue are present, then a deeper level of rest is needed to feel fully revitalized.

Scientific research done at Harvard Medical School shows that Transcendental Meditation can provide a rest much deeper than sleep, and can provide it exceptionally fast.

Ref.Science 27 Vol. 167 no. 3926 pp. 1751-1754 1970
Scientific American 226:84-90 1972

Jerry Seinfeld – “Like your phone has a charger…TM is like a charger for body and mind”

Transcending = True Happiness from within

This deep rest eliminates deep stress and fatigue and allows our body to get back to a normal healthy functioning. And because this is such a fundamental need for the body, the transformation that people experience is also very fundamental. The scientific research below shows for example how the natural production of serotonin, our “happiness hormone”, naturally increases.


While the body experiences this uniquely deep rest, the mind can settle down to a calmer state where it can reconnect with its inner source of bliss and happiness, pure consciousness. We enliven these qualities while we meditate. The real benefits are felt afterwards, when we bring this most fundamental bliss, intelligence and creativity back into everything we do and everybody we interact with.

Many people are looking for ways to feel happier and turn their life around: they might change their partner, they might try changing jobs or going back to school. The underlying assumption is that happiness is something that comes from other people or external things. While all these things can obviously influence how we feel, our most fundamental happiness comes from inside of us. And if we can just reconnect with this inner source of bliss, we won’t depend on others to feel good and we will be truly free. And not only will we be so much happier ourselves, we’ll spread this around also to everybody in our lives.

Transcending = holistic side-benefits

The fundamental transformation we create in this way has an enormous amount of side-benefits, and more than 350 scientific studies on TM have been published in the past 50 years documenting these benefits. TM has been shown to relieve many stress-related health issues, improve mental potential and improve our relationships. Many governments have started to implement this simple, very effective technique in their school systems and even the European Union recently provided a €0.5 Million grant for tests with TM in the school system. Many national health organisations are now also formally recommending to doctors to consider prescribing TM, for example the American Heart Association in the context of treating high blood pressure.

Transcending = Easy to do

Many people have tried some form of meditation and have found it difficult to do. The good news is that TM is very different. It is a very simple, natural and effortless technique, that doesn’t require any concentration or control of the mind.

Cameron Diaz: “TM is the easiest thing I have ever done”

How can I learn to transcend?

TM is taught individually in one hour and afterwards anybody can do it by themselves. This personal instruction is part of a 4-day course and several months of follow-up. To learn more about the technique and the course, to meet your local TM teacher and to have all your questions answered, sign-up for an info seminar in your area below. The seminars are free, but seats are limited so sign up to make sure you can attend and learn more about how you can transform your life.

What the Media is saying about TM

What people are saying

“Transcendental Meditation has opened up a new world of good health and well-being for me. I am so much more in control of my life and realise that there is something I can do to reduce my stress levels and feel more relaxed. It is such a blessing — I am grateful to have found it.”

Aisling Drury-Byrne, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Musician & Teacher

“The best thing I ever did in my life was to learn TM as an architectural student in 1973. I have benefitted in a multitude of ways from it’s simple, easy practice. In the morning, when I sit down to practise TM, it’s as if I receive a mental bath. Having more energy and clarity as a result of my TM practice, I am able to give and receive more, not only in my professional life, but in my personal life also.”

Peter Mullins, Architect

“As a musician, I feel that it helps me to perform better and as a teacher, it allows me to approach the classroom in a relaxed state of mind which, I believe, in turn has a positive effect on my students. I would highly recommend TM to anyone who is looking for an easy and effective way to bring balance into all aspects of their lives.”

Rachel Robinson, Musician & Teacher

“I encourage all my patients to practice Transcendental Meditation. Experience Shows and research confirms, that it is the best vaccine against stress-related conditions. Regular practice keeps you inwardly settled despite being surrounded by chaos.”

Dr Donn Brennan (MRCGP), General Practitioner.

“Having practised TM and the TM Sidhi Programme for 27 years I find it hard to describe the magnitude of change it has brought to my life other than to say it has changed everything ; in a phrase perhaps it has made me a completely happy and enriched person enjoying all aspects of life.”

Derek Crampton, Businessman

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